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Wine name:  Vino rosso 

Varietal:  various red grapes

Bottles produced:   800

Age of the vines:   from 10 to 30 years old 

Vinification:   Maceration on the skins for approx. 3/5 days in rotary fermentors with temperature control , ageing in new French barriques for 18 months

Colour:  very intense red ruby

Taste:   big structure, because of the composition the taste is much more “international”, spicy and herbal

Nose :   very spicy and intense

Serving suggestion :   red meats, game, aged cheese

To know and understand more about L’ Insieme and the charity foundation, please take a minute to read this essay - it has been written by Dan George, a wine lover, a writer, a friend from New Mexico


L' Insieme

 The self is not singular, it is the summation of its universal parts. This can be felt in acts of philanthropy and benefaction. The L’Insieme association is a wine growers initiative and charitable organization founded in 1997 by Elio Altare one of Europe’s most influential and iconic winemakers. Elio’s initial inspiration was to raise money for the preservation of historical sites in his native Piedmont. This idea evolved into a global outreach.

 The core of the group is its seven winemakers:  Elio Altare, Mauro Veglio, Federico Grasso, Giuliano Corino, Carlo and Lorenzo Revello, Gianfranco Alessandria and Paolo and Giulio Morando. Five of the wineries are located in La Morra, six in Barolo producing zones. The Morando brothers of the La Morandina estate in Castiglione Tinella are the lone representatives of Asti.

Beyond their motivation to help others what unites them is a shared sensibility about wine and a philosophy of farming. Rigorous pruning and canopy management, the once controversial and now nearly universal practice of green harvesting, and the elimination of chemical and synthetic fertilizers. The result is extremely low yields far below the standard of the appellation. In the vineyard an organic or sustainable regimen is followed. Organic farming is a communal effort and cannot be accomplished by one grower alone. In the cellar maceration’s vary from modern to classic. The use of barrique is common but not ubiquitous.

Many of the members of L’Insieme were inspired by Elio Altare to bottle their own estate wines and to implement quality focused changes in their vineyards and cellars. Elio, influenced by trips he made to Burgundy the first of which was in 1976, began the practice of green harvesting in 1978. In 1983 he introduced barrique to the cantina. His quality first approach places an emphasis on terroir. The result is a finesse driven, aesthetically focused, style where freshness precedes formality.  

If Elio Altare is not the formal leader of L’Insieme he is its avatar.

 In Italian insieme means together. In this context it has two connotations. Growers working together for a common cause and the blending of native grapes, international grapes. The blending of the regional classics with the international luminaries is symbolic of the need for humanitarian relief which transcends cultural boundaries.

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750 ml