Privacy Policy

Since 2005 we’ve been building trusted relationships with our customers, producers and partners. The way we look after your personal data is at the heart of this. 

This privacy policy is designed to clearly and simply explain how, when and why we collect personal information. It also covers what your rights are and how you can get in touch.

We keep the amount of data we collect to a minimum, only collecting enough to perform the functions described above. The information we collect is limited to the following:
- Personal Identifiers and contact information, such as title, name, addresses, phone numbers and email address.
- Transactional data, such as your order history, the wines you have stored with us, or your attendance at any our events, courses, or webinars.
- Marketing and communications data, such as your preferences around when how you want to hear from us and what you want to hear from us about, as well as details of when you open marketing emails, and which links you access.
- Feedback information, such as how you rated our products or customer service, or your responses to surveys/market research.
- Social identifiers, such as age, gender, socio-economic status.
- Functional data such as registration and system data, as well as additional usage data.
- Payment information and bank details.
Before you register with Angra Wine & Spirit for access to services or transactional areas of our website, you can browse our website anonymously and we will not collect your data. Once you are registered and logged into your account, we may collect the following:
- Technical information, including online identifiers, such as IP Address, browser type and version, time zone and location and operating system.
- Information about your visit, such as times and location of log on or access, duration of sessions, clickstream and similar usage or system data.

You can get in touch with us by one of the following means:

  • By Phone: +65 6532 7791
  • By Email:
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